The Role of Art Advocates

Whether fighting for art budgets in our schools or organizing community-based arts initiatives, art advocates have a huge impact on the presence of art in all of our lives. It is passionate artists like you who will gain the insight and confidence through this program to stand and make a difference. A Master’s in Art Education will empower you to affect change in the school system and your community by allowing you to:

  • Bring artistic perspective to standardized testing
  • Assume the role of art educator in your community
  • Promote policy change as it relates to art in schools and society
  • Affect social and cultural change to streamline costs and expenses

To become an advocate who affects social and cultural change for advancing arts education, you need to be passionate, possess excellent communication and problem solving skills, and a strong drive to continually search for innovative solutions to problems. There are many methods to promote the art agenda and become an art educator in your community, including these examples of art advocacy efforts:

  • Advocate the arts at the local, state and even national level by writing letters and lobbying your senators and congressmen
  • Create awareness online through blogs, and contributing to advocacy websites and organizations
  • Public speaking
  • Join local and national art advocacy organizations
  • Strive to become a member of your local school board
  • Organize and lead fundraising efforts to support local art programs

Last revised on: June 23, 2010 at 12:13 pm