ARE 6705: Methods of Research in Art Education

Instructor: Dr. Michelle Tillander, Assistant Professor

Course Description

This course provides an overview of qualitative and quantitative research methods and explores research literature in the field of art education. Research design, data collection, analysis, validity, and report writing will all be covered.

Course Objectives

This course is structured to introduce you to various qualitative and quantitative approaches to conducting research in the field of art education. Course emphasis will be on identifying and evaluating prospective research problems and questions in art education, examination of related research literature, and development of a research project proposal. At the completion of this course, you will have an advanced knowledge of:

  • selected qualitative and quantitative research methods as they apply to art education
  • research literature in the areas of art education, education, and related fields of study
  • the procedures and steps involved in planning a scholarly research project

Your ultimate goal in this course is the preparation of a detailed plan (proposal) for a master’s thesis or research project in art education. As part of the process, you will clarify and refine your research topic and questions. You will focus on the context within which your topic is important through the development of an annotated bibliography that establishes precedents for each part of your project. You will choose a set of procedures and techniques that will allow you to carry out your study, and create a viable work plan/time table. All these parts will be synthesized in a high-quality, well-written document, and a short presentation via the web of your proposal to the class.

Course Methods

The primary instructional methods of this class include lectures and group discussions of assigned readings. Extensive outside research will be required to help students achieve the course objectives. Education is an ongoing process of self-reflective synthesis of course content, individual research, and future paths. You should take every opportunity to extend the class in a direction that is most valuable to your unique needs in pursuing your art educational career goals.

Course Requirements

To achieve the objectives of the course, you will:

  • read and synthesize selected readings in art educational research
  • construct an annotated bibliography on a subject of research in the field of art education
  • conduct a pilot-study/case study based on a researchable question(s) of personal interest
  • complete a written proposal for an independent research project
  • make a short presentation via the web of his/her semester’s research proposal and/or pilot study

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