ARE 6905: Individual Study

Instructor: To Be Arranged

Prerequisites: Advanced standing in the graduate program; Permission of the Instructor; Submit completed Individual Study Approval form with attached proposal to the sponsoring UF faculty member.

Course Description

Individual study provides students with the opportunity to research or examine a topic of depth that isn’t available through the student’s program of study. A student who requests to, or is advised to, undertake an individual study must present a brief proposal to the appropriate faculty member prior to engaging in the individual study. This proposal should describe what the student plans to do, what resources will be used, and what work will be produced as a result, such as an original project based upon extended study of a topic that addresses an identified issue or need with the field of art education.

Course Objectives

Although the objectives and outcomes of an individual study project may vary, they would typically involve the following objectives:

  • Studying a topic or subject within or connected to art education
  • Completion of an educational or artistic project with pedagogical implications
  • Formulating and working on an individual research question, or joining an existing research project

Proposal Should:

  • Identify a clear title for your individual study
  • Indicate how much credit you want to receive and how many hours you will invest (Guidelines in Higher Education are usually 1 credit hour for each 15 instructional hours)
  • Develop objectives for your study that relate to what you want to learn and are realistic for the number of hours in which you are enrolling
  • Describe activities and assignments that will meet your objectives
  • Propose how your individual study will be evaluated. For those situations where a grade is to be assigned, specify what criteria might be used to assess the result and assign a grade. For those situations that are offered on a pass/fail basis only, outline what the criteria will be for receiving a passing grade)
  • Propose how you will share this experience with the Art Education community (e.g. print publication or online presentation, etc.)

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