Do I Need a Degree to become an Art Teacher?

While it’s not required that you have a bachelor’s degree in the specific area you wish to teach, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is required. Most teachers either major in their field and complement those courses with education classes or vice versa. Teachers in all 50 states must obtain teaching certification to teach. Beyond the minimum requirements, an advanced degree will open doors and challenge you to become an exceptional educator.

A graduate degree in Art Education will help you thrive within varied 21st century learning environments. You will use the knowledge and expertise you already possess as a foundation and a springboard to develop new skills and contemporary teaching practices. The demands on art teachers of today require that you learn a new skill set, including the emerging technology of digital media and the web. A graduate degree will allow you to empower your students to express themselves in new ways, while appreciating the traditional humanity of art making.

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  1. teachermomma says:

    I have a teaching certification and a master’s in teaching for grades 1-5. This includes ALL subjects, in lncluding art, only for those grades. My desire is to be a lower elementary art teacher (grades K-3), but I don’t have the requirements to enroll in the graduate program b/c my degree is in teaching, not art. Further, I have one master’s in education, so it’s going to be a little tough to pursue another with two small chilldren. I paint as a hobby and have a fair knowledge of art history, but want to learn art history in depth so that I feel very well prepared to teach even these young children. What would be the best route for me to take to stand out when being considered for this highly competetive job? Taking some non-degree seeking art history classes? Pursuing a professional certification in art history? IThanks for your help!

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