ARE 6441: Contemporary Issues in Art Education

Instructor: Dr. Michelle Tillander, Assistant Professor

Course Description

This course explores contemporary issues in art, education, and society that influence art education. Through weekly reading, discussion, and personal research interests, you will examine and research contemporary issues and theoretical developments in art education.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to explore contemporary events, theories, trends and practices that are influencing the field of art education. At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • discuss internal and external influences upon the field of art education
  • demonstrate an understanding of contemporary writings, movements and issues related to current practices in the field of art and art education
  • identify and use current journals and online resources relevant to art education
  • speculate about possible future directions in the field of art education

Course Methods

The primary instructional methods of this course include weekly readings and group discussions of course topics. Topics covered in the course may include contemporary approaches to art curriculum planning, multiculturalism, art assessment practices, postmodern theory, school-community partnerships, censorship issues, technology, standardized testing, art education advocacy, and more. Extensive reading and personal research will be required to help you achieve the course objectives.

Course Requirements

To achieve the objectives of the course, you will:

  • read, synthesize and be prepared to discuss selected readings
  • complete an independent research project related to the course content
  • contribute to the course content
  • bring your voice to an issue in contemporary art education
  • attend class regularly and participate in discussions

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