Big Ideas Personified

The University of Florida’s online Master of Arts in Art Education program promotes the teaching of art as a cyclical process of conceptualization, inquiry and assessment. This is the process by which an art teacher starts with an overarching big idea or question that he or she wants to teach. Then, through the Backward Design model of curriculum planning introduces projects of varied media, subject matter and technique to encourage creative expression and meaningful interpretation of the desired learning outcomes. Through implementing the curriculum, thoughtful art teachers assess the efficacy of their teaching through reflective inquiry, engaging in questions like:

What’s worth teaching in art?

How do I know my students are learning?

How well did I teach what I set out to teach?

We understand and value the importance of teaching art in a contemporary, global society. Through big ideas, art teachers craft the guiding principles that give structure and meaning to their lessons. This kind of forethought and intention can help students make deeper and more meaningful connections with the role of art in the community and its voice with regard to important social matters, both locally and globally.

In this section, we will explore and discuss various topics of interest that impact and shape art education.

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